NinjaTea ~ Ninja's 21st (Prod. FourLimbs)

by NinjaTea x FourLimbs

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Praise the most high I made it to 21 today
UK never to been to the states tonight no raves
#SorryNotSorry apologies to my mates I ain't turnin up
Sober studio sesh no ses birthday rap in the lab call me sad
I don't give a fuck

You should know by now manna' wear my crown
King social norms non-confiner
Freedom fighter full-time grinder
Manna' loud & proud student of life
I school the streets in my ghetto attire
3yrs no class but my brain move fast
2yrs no 9 to 5 but my cash flow dandy & nice
I'm chasing hard for the easy life

Vision differed from mega papes in sight nah mi no waan stressful P's
Content stacks on my eyes I pay the price now for that stress free prize
I'm time broke investing present minutes for future digits
Postponed my gratification I adapted sucessful man's traits
Studied the stories of Alexander the great Branson & Gates
Dun know for that book flow knowledge immersion
Like Hopsin my mind ill think straight bulldoze most mental burdens

Bookworm yeah I'm always reading
Hustlegang yeah we rarely sleeping
My team I eat with soon I'll feast with no hotels yet top & tail beds couch surf occasional AirBnb ting

I see accomplishments as stepping stones
Progress forever a final destination I'll never reach it
Still account achievements
Never linger perseverance through the coldest demons
I'm too busy for pre's more time I be making P's
Turn up to the rave late stay til 5
3hrs sleep on time for the grind at 9
Life on the edge Uno my style

Far Eastern kid grew up in multicultural bits
North Manny that's my rasclart residence
Man waan man judge me on my rasclart herritage
Close your eyes hear my rhymes you'll find my bars hard like swords my ancestors were messin with
Ask the blind that listen in
Switch to a flow that skips no probs manna' set them levels quick

Quick fast lane life Skrrr in my city no whip
Gal rate man on a fixie bike flex
no stush Poonani
homegals & Queens only
I don't wanna roll with a bitch
Dawg soon I'll fly first class Toronto that's 0161 to The 6
Brooklyn to the big smoke
Boombap connects on a global link
Manna' thinking Big
Gwan wicked and bad on a worldwide ting
My Dreams over large
No limits fuck gimmicks build bridges with bars


released February 8, 2017
Beat by FourLimbs
Mixed by FourLimbs



all rights reserved


Four Limbs Leigh, UK

I make hip-hop.

hmu for production, mixing, mastering, collabs and beats at

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