Dark Bars In The Nam (Prod. Four Limbs)

by Ninja Tea x Four Limbs

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Internet switched off
Downtiming phone silent
Tuning outta the noisey galaxy I'm constantly whizzing a ride in
21 and manna' witnessed more sights than many will've ever get've seen by the end of their life line
This forever fast-pace livin got man stressed
On the flip this dank-wave got man temporarily blessed
Ying & Yang shit ~ Panda
Green leaf clean bean ~ Scranner
Omnivore chillin with my Herbivore bredrin Borntasaur having Cretaceous banter / When I was a Yout I wanted to be a scientist from watching Braniac Now TVless I watch man abuse science brains on splat it's madness
Vision & Perspective no right or wrong
Just individual justifications that form a general consensus
Fuck you if you take more offense from swear words than people's death
Wake up Bloodclart dead the censorship
Let the information age evolve in cyber space
Into knowledge society
Enlighten the minds ~ Diety
Sick of InstaSluts I mentally vomit when I see 1st world starvation disguised as dieting and...
You have every right to love like or hate my songs
Just know in a galaxy over populated by baa sheep
I'm at peace knowing I'm consciously wolf
Howling from this beautiful moment til I'm rested 6 feet deep in eternal sleep
Then Move on to afterlife chillin
Looking back at earth times and Inshallah I'll say Jah bless on that planet I was winning
Hop to the next Solar System

But right now its train life bare city to city livin
At the time'o this tracks writing recently stepped up my Richards copping 1st class Virgin tickets
Next step progress from railcards to visa stamp visits
Wing up innit
Then whiz from airplanes to spaceships
Mab don't fuck with mental limits

Back to my present humanoid body & sphere
I'm unclear less than 30% of my sphere's mass is physical land yet the oceans are groggy and speared with toxic and
And the consequences I constantly fear
Never go behind backs
I'll bite the apple of the snake


released February 16, 2017
Produced & Mixed by Four Limbs



all rights reserved


Four Limbs Leigh, UK

I make hip-hop.

hmu for production, mixing, mastering, collabs and beats at


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